Staff Members (PM, GM, LGS, SGS, GS, & GST)

  • Staff Members

    Product Manager:

    Game Master:


    Game Sages:      LGS = Leader Game Sage SGS = Senior Game Sage GS = Game Sage 
    [LGS]Mhm (EN)

    [LGS]MiniZolt (EN-FR)

    [SGS]Clarity (EN)

    [SGS]Lora (EN)

    [GS]Akayomi (EN-FR)

    [GS]Daruka (EN-FR)

    [GS]Taeshara (EN-FR)

    Additional Game Sage Trainees (GSTs): 

    None yet.

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    <3<3<3<3<3"Every second of our life has its own definition, we can create happiness and help each other.
                                                      Love one another through good and bad times." -Lora <3<3<3<3<3