Alpaca Crashed

  • Although you are right about some of the stuff you're spouting half of this is complete nonsense.

    This is a simple error catcher application that is built into the application. This application has stuffed the entire application in side a box and if the box exits for any reason that doesn't give back the correct value then the application will jump in the way, dump the applications current memory and then store it in the zip file.

    This can be invoked by any un-accounted for behaviour in the application most commonly an error known as a "nullptr" usage. Meaning the application has tried to access a empty address in memory or something that is outside the applications scope. Then when you type the message into the box, this is written to a txt file thats attached in the ZIP file you listed which is then sent to X-Legend's reciever webserver (Which if you look at your web traffic after this crash you can see doesn't happen if you compared it to your web traffic on the TW client).

    Here is two example of how to cause an Alpaca without any bs you said about Virus or GPU bottlenecking (Which wouldn't crash a game, it would just cause your FPS to drop a large amount).

    Preview a pet in the archive, then close the game while the pet window is still open.

    Use a dash skill at player then while mid dash use an invisible skill on the player who is not dashing and if the timing is right the dashing player will alpaca.

    The only thing correct about your post is corrupted / missing files could also cause this error. But in 99% of cases Eden already has IO shields in place so instead of crashing it will just print to the error.log file "File Missing" or File Unable to be Opened" in chinese.

    Please do not spread false information as people will take it as gospel and start buying new components and thinking their PC isn't functioning correctly or thinking that if they play Eden Eternal they might get a virus which is complete bollocks.

  • As I didn't explain exactly how you're wrong and just explained how Alpaca Error's work.

    AppCrash is correct although I'm not 100% sure they use that terminology usually they use "Unhandled Exception". Virus does not cause this, a virus would do anything possible to avoid doing this as it would like to remain undetected, causing applications to crash is not how you stay undetected. Second memory clock failure? Completely made up turn and does no have any affected on the game what so ever in terms of a crash.

    If your CPU is faster than your GPU or vice versa that is called a bottleneck, this will not crash applications. This will directly harm only your FPS (Frames per second, incase you didn't understand). This is because instead of crashing because it's "not doing anything" it will just sit there doing nothing until its told. I cannot emphasise this enough, IT WILL NOT CRASH THE GAME SITTING THERE IDLE. Please for the love of god search "CPU/GPU Bottleneck" and do some research.

    Lets research the crash shall we:

    So if you open the ZIP file and read the .xml file it explains the crash in English.

    (Base on the pet method mentioned above).

    ExceptionCode 0xc0000005 which has the description EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION with the address something along the lines of 0xFFFFFFFF (Replace the F's with hexadecimal 0-9 and A-F). Being the memory address (RAM Address) of the pointer the game was trying to access. Then it will contain a bunch of system information.

    It then includes error.log which usually contains any log messages that maybe included in the Release build of the application and then main.log which is more of an unused file after launch and ui.log that catches any UI related errors.

    So I'll reiterate, don't spread information unless you are certain its correct and helpful thanks :)