Mana Infusion

  • Where and what is Mana infusion?

    The mana infusion itself takes place in Aven at Manny (X: 300, Y: 522).

    The mana infusion is absolutely necessary if you want to become a really strong player.

    From level 90 in the DoD Dungeon (see # dod-info), gold weapons with the inscription "Mana Infusion Ready" are dropped.

    You can "feed" level 90 weapons from now on!

    -That works as follows:

    Example Staff:

    You buy green staffs (You can just save green Staffs from Dungeons aswell) at Blacksmith Mattias in Aven (X: 305, Y: 300) - this is the fastest way to get the first star on the weapon (maximum is 3 stars). It must be necessarily the same kind of weapon, otherwise the fusion does not work.

    From level 2 you can continue to buy the green NPC Staffs, but you can also use blue quality. Blue Quality does not exist at the NPC, you have to save them from DoD. Do not sell any blue staffs you get at DoD - you'll need them.

    Why the blue staffs of DoD?

    By feeding the staff it gains EXP. Logically speaking, I can explain it to you: a blue level 90 staff gives just more EXP than a blue level 1 staff. Of course, you can also use other blue staffs for mana infusion, but it will take longer.

    If the staff is at level 3 and the given mana abilities do not please you, you press on "Reshuffle", then you also need blue staffs again - any blue staff is alright for this process because You're not gathering "EXP" anymore. If you want your abilities quickly, go to Limestone Mtn. and buy blue Low-Level Staffs for CCM (Crystal Cross Medals).

    Depending on the level of the staff, the level of skill that is on the staff is the same.

    Staff is Level 1 and it can not wear Level 3 Mana Abilities. The Level 3 Mana Abilites are of course the best.

    Mana infusion at costumes

    A really expensive thing, but it MUST be, if you really want to become enormously strong (specially PvP), the mana is infusion on costumes. Legendary costumes are not only good because of the stats they give, no, they are the only type of costume that can carry mana infusion. Prerequisite for this is "Mana Infusion Ready" - this must be on the legendary costume, always pay attention! The same principle applies here, as in the above text, but you have to feed legendary costumes with (Alpha) costumes.

    Each "Mana Infusion Ready" costume can be fed with an (Alpha) costume, here it does not matter which costume you use. So you can use an (Alpha) Back Costume for your Legendary Mouthpiece. The 1H Legendary Weapon Costume requires 1H (Alpha) weapon costumes, the 2H Legendary Weapon Costumes requires 2H (Alpha) weapon costumes, and the Legendary Shield Costume requires (Alpha) Shield Costumes. The entire mana infusion process, whether on weapons or costumes, is a tiring but worthwhile affair.

    Some Mana infusions do not stack. Pay Attention for that!!

    What mana infusions there are that you might like or like, you can read here (This List is incomplete but it's a nice way to see what is possible).

    1H vs. 2H

    If you want a successful mana infusion on your weapons, you should wear different weapons costumes against the weapon.
    You wear a Staff as a weapon (2H), you use 2x 1H weapon costumes. Turn around: you carry 2 (1H) Daggers, you use a 2H weapon costume.

    Why this is done is simply explained, Some Mana infusions do not stack. If you use a 2H weapon on a 2H weapon costume, you have the choice between the same mana abilities and it is useless to waste mana in the costume if it does not work afterwards.

    Level 1 & 2 mana abilities

    You want Magical and Physical Absorb Level II on Your costumes. This is one of the mana-ability that stacks. Here you must be careful that you reshuffle on the Ability, when your Costume has 2 Stars (same for Level 1 Abilities, reshuffle on 1 Star Costume)!! If the costume has 3 stars, you can not get the abilities anymore, so keep that in mind!


    You will not have the abilities you want when you have infused your item. Category "Reshuffle" helps here. Here you also use blue weapons or (alpha) costumes to switch to another ability. For this you need less items, as in the mana process itself.