Hunt the Easter Eggs! - Easter Event

  • Hunt the Easter Eggs!

    To celebrate Easter our Easter Bunny hid his Eggs among different places in the world of Eden Eternal.

    The Easter Bunny tasked all you Eternal Guardians to discover the places from where he hid his eggs!

    Every day starting 22 April up to and including 24 April the Easter Bunny will be releaving two pictures each day.

    It's up to you to find and report the location so all the Easter Eggs can be collected by our GM's!


    - Only one participation per Aeria Games Account is allowed on each Google Form. Only the first entry will be accepted.

    - Entries will be accepted UNTIL 27 April 10AM CEST!

    - Winners will be announced and rewards will be sent at the end of the event.


    The Easter Bunny will be publishing three Google Forms for you to fill in.

    (Example of participation is seen in the Google Form)


    - PRIZE LIST -

    For each CORRECT screenshot the player will be gifted five Eden Crystals.

    In total participants could win 30 Eden Crystals if all six screenshots are correct.

    Entries from each day will be collected and through an Random Number Generator each day will have one special winner.

    Lucky winner Day 1 - Extra 10 Eden Crystals

    Lucky winner Day 2 - Extra 15 Eden Crystals

    Lucky winner Day 3 - Extra 15 Eden Crystals

    - PICTURES -

    DAY 1 - PICTURE 1

    DAY 1 - PICTURE 2

    That's all~~

    Good luck everyone! 🐰 <3

    PS: I'm very proud of my editing skills!

    For questions, slide in my DM's in Discord @Rhys#3916