A new CM was added to the roster - Introduction

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    Hello there!

    My name is Danmaku and I have been an [English / German] Community Manager for more than 2 years already, starting in EOS for half a year and then moved to Twin Saga for 1.5 years since (also helped out on Aura Kingdom a bit). So as you can see I have quite some experience with X-Legend games already. I will still need some time to get into Eden Eternal but I'm in charge from now on for both games Eden Eternal and Twin Saga because your previous CM moved on to another position.
    If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please continue directing them towards the GM team or to me directly if it requires my help.

    Let's have some fun together!




  • It must be hard to handle 2 games at the same time but it's true that since Kynou left. Many things have changed and have become as before (the time of Bastet).

    Provoking is not the solution even if, indeed for the moment nothing moves on Eden.

    *Salut, moi c'est Brumi. chibi_madara_by_malou1381.png == • ==(Hi, I'm Brumi.)


  • Provoking is not? , well, do you have any better proposition?

    We say nothing, and EE goes down the drain,

    He/She provoques, and ... the worst is EE continues to go down the drain and he/she gets ban, which would not change much anyway.

    Do you think giving flowers will work? saying nice things? bribe the CM?

    If you have some propositions, please share them.

    Yamea is on the verge of leaving.

    AlpacaKnight is still waiting to get monthly EC to give them to winners.

    CM is not giving anymore items for events.

    He does not seem to be responding to tickets.

    He takes back a GM that was previously kicked out for doing nothing and being insulting.

    He does not change altar.

    He does not come in game, and does not read Forum.


    If you think you can help close this hemoragy, please tell us your ideas.

    Cause at this pace, EE will loose enough players to close soon. It would not take much, since it's already so low.

  • Movae has really summed it up very well.

    Many players say that I am a "dog * of Kynou but in the meantime we had a very active CM, who made events, answered the ticket very quickly.

    He didn't know the game but went to great lengths to recruit GM/Mods and change Altar.

    He even asked players in private to come to these events!

    I throw him flowers and I'm aware that it's not within everyone's reach but at least make an effort? !

    *Salut, moi c'est Brumi. chibi_madara_by_malou1381.png == • ==(Hi, I'm Brumi.)