Level 80 Awakened Light Armor

  • A guide for helping you to know ahead of time what all you need to awaken your armor.

    Hello! And yes, awakened armor IS indeed finally here! In order to acquire any of this awakened armor, you must buy it's Rare Sprite Scroll from Library Assistant Bucco in Aven (located at coordinates X:395 Y:465) and right click the scroll to activate a quest. These quests require you to complete certain tasks and/or collect certain items, and once you have done so you will then be able to complete the Rare Sprite Scroll quest and awaken your armor.

    Important Note: Some of these quests require you to collect an item from either a Guild Boss or a Trial Boss, but all of these drops are totally random. So don't go freaking out just because you killed a Guild/Trial Boss and didn't get the item that you needed, if this happens just keep trying until the item drops.

    Important Note 2:

    • Trial Medals: These are the lvl 80 ones.
    • Awakened armor: 10000 Curia Library fame required to buy Rare Sprite Scrolls
    • For each Level 80 awakened armor the former (Level 70) awakened Armor is needed
  • Light Armor

    Awaken Canis Stalker Set

    Crafted Light Armor: ACC/Crit DMG set

    2-Piece Effect: STR + 60
    3-Piece Effect: ACC + 240, LCK + 90, ATK SPD + 240
    5-Piece Effect: ATK + 952, CRIT + 240, Malice -8%

    Awaken Canis Stalker Sprite Scroll Part I (body/gloves)

    Cost: 2250 Gold

    - Aquans Sharp Claw: May be obtained by defeating Aquan in Century Abyss Trial
    - Thief Jed's Lucky Gloves: Buy from Elem. Trial Merchant (costs 1.500 valencia medals)
    - Etherworld's Echantment Scroll: Buy Blueprint: Etherworld's Enchantment Scroll from Sage Stones Fame Shop (costs 600g & 48k Fame to buy and Thief Jed's Lucky Gloves and 10 War Stones to craft)
    - Ancient Kingdom Leather: If you created the Item above, you've received "Rules Breaker", farm with them.

    Awaken Canis Stalker Sprite Scroll Part II (boots/hat/belt)

    Cost: 2250 Gold

    - Erros's Mutant Eye: May be obtained from Erros in Durango Kingdom
    - Dire Wolf's Spirit: Buy from Elem. Trial Merchant (costs 1.500 valencia medals)
    - Corrupted Wings: May be obtained by defeating Fallen Evangelion in Colossal Cauldron Trial
    - Enchanted Liquid: Buy from Wee Rowan in Aven for 150 Honor Stars

  • Light Armor

    Awaken Fantasy Frontier Set

    Fame Shop Light Armor: Eva/Cast-SPD set


    2-Piece-Effect: Cast Speed +120
    3-Piece-Effect: Skill MP-Cost -80, AGI +90, 4% chance of triggering a double hit.
    : M-crit-Rate +240, Move SPD +5%, Malice -8%

    Awaken Fantasy Frontier Scroll I (body/gloves)

    Cost: 1875 Gold

    - Toroto the Third's Wrist Joint: May be obtained by Toroto the Third in Vilespire Temple Trial (Level 80)

    - Moonlight Wolfram: May be obtained by gathering with a level 70 Pickaxe in guild town

    - Colourful Nimbus Cloth: Can be bought for 2000 Crystal Cross Medals from Jarroda (X:438, Y:351)

    Awaken Fantasy Frontier Scroll I (boots, crown, belt)

    Cost: 1875 Gold

    - Collect Lightweave Leather: Buy "Enchantable Leather" from "Earl Edmans" (Level 80 Trial NPC; X: 464, Y: 334) for 1500 Valencia Medals and combine it with 10 Warstones by Fusion (rightclick)

    - Arrons's Peritoneum: May be obtained by defeating Arrons in Eloise Plains

    - Golden String: May be obtained by defeating Liarro in Rose Temple Trial (Level 80)


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