• Ok, i got running out after that monster are near in the base crystal and i got stupid crash "Tell us about your problems, the alpacas will help you." Well this is stupid crash on my pc and fair to died when the game is running, end time idk why i got to lost exp, and see now what happens that cheaters like that. We are paying this alot of money and im not going to let some kid to make those things on my server i dont care how long hes here. Which is, bad feeling my got rank whos got saying that hes responsible why i got lost on 250 ranks on PvP to where is on 180 ranks. Im not sure why this is good game of EE like old days but this doing worst now and all inactive, loose on rank = logic?

    But nevermind, look this image, this time i quit this EE right now, its be good luck for your game.

    GG :)



  • 1st, complain after you understand the game mechanics.

    5% exp loses if you died in normal field (1st screenshot), 2nd screenshoot in dungeon, your exp should be intact

    alpaca crash is casual things, it's happen since beginning of time, eden eternal was introduced. and it's not often.

    and about your PvP rank, i didn't gasp what's the problem is.