Community Altar Builder

  • Sorry to say, but you have really NO idea what items should be put in altar, really, really.

    This list you did put up is completly ridiculous!

    Racials Items??? really?

    POD items? really???

    Those should never go in an altar.

    and so many items from quests and map drops that are complete useless.

    Please please, Get GMs together first and write a list of acceptabe items to put up on an altar . They should be able to do that. do a meeting, do some brainstorming. Work together and I am sure you can get a good list, not this ridicoulous one.

    Last time GMs tried to do that, it took 3-4months, and when they came, most were bugged , and no better then the previous ones, or, they were 'cheatable' ones, like the wall altars.

    What we need is simply that you stop picking altars from 4-5 years ago, with old stuff.

    And that you pay attention to rotation, so all types of items comes from time to time.

    Can't the CM simply like, pick up a list of 30-40 altars from the pas and ask GMs to tell you which are good and which are not? if they dont know the order or even if you will put one up, it's not giving them any advantage I think.

  • Hey,

    We are aware that the list contains multiple items that are not compatible with the altar.

    Do not worry though you won't be seeing them in any future altar. I invite you to ignore them (as most did) and choose the items you would like to see in the future altars.

    As stated in the form, this is the first try, we are open to suggestions in order to improve it. We are hopeful that we will build a pertinent new altar using the data we are getting from this.

    Thanks for your help ;)