!! The content you're about to see is too nab

  • Hi... I am Scarlet! Nice to meet you nab. 8)
    PLEASE Allow me first to give you a warm welcome hug. 8o

    Read below to know more about my nabness: :)<3

    :thumbup: I love talking to people.

    ;) Sometimes I get crazy xD. I love making friends. Of course true friends stays longer for me. I love everyone no matter what.

    :) I believe it is better to be honest to someone than not. I am open to others if they need help about in real life problems.

    :*<3 I have a goal to become a nurse someday. The reason why I chose to become a nurse is because I want to help people which is one of my passion. If I become a nurse, not only will I treat the patient as patient only but also as my own family. When I graduate, I want to help my family throughout my life. I have a passion.

    <3<3<3I want to bring positive environment no matter how bad a situation is. I believe every problem has its own solution. I know myself that I can find a solution to a problem.

    :thumbup:I can speak and understand 3 languages. I studied French during my high school years.

    :thumbup:<3:!:I love golden retrievers. I love Korean songs. I love Korean barbecue. Yes, I'm addicted lol.

    :) I am a busy person as well. I am currently studying but when I have free time I will help others of course.

    :) Happiness is important for me.

    <3:)"If you have the power to make someone happy today, do it. The world needs more of that." - marcandangel <3:)

    WAIT... I am not done yet. Want to know more about me? Come talk to me in EE Discord :D Or maybe you can catch my nab char in-game :P