How to add a Guild Insignia!

  • »»————- How to create a Guild Insignia ————-«

    So, you're wanting to add a neat image to represent your cool guild?

    Good, because this is the guide for you! ^^

    First off...the requirements of allowing your guild to have an insignia ----

    • In order to be able to have an insignia, your guild must be level 3 or higher!
    • You must be the Guild Leader

    Now, if your guild has met the requirements let's get started on how to add an insignia!

    Second --

    Find the perfect image for your guild.

    • Go to google, or any website that you please, and find a suitable image. Or, get artsy and create your own!

    ---- Be aware that the guilds' insignia MUST be 32x32 and a .bmp file to be uploaded! You can easily find websites that can convert the image to a .bmp file for you, and even to resize your image.

    » Resize your Image here!

    » Convert your Image to a .bmp Here!

    Third --

    Let's add the insignia.

    • Considering that you have gotten your image ready, we can start testing your Insignia before making it official to your guild.
    • Now, open up the guild interface by pressing Hotkey "G"...

    **(random image found on Google for demonstration) Guild Leader, you will be granted these two Administrative options: "Set Insignia" & "Test Insignia"

    • "Test Insignia" will allow you to test the image you have just made before making it official. This way, you can see how it looks before making any final changes, etc. See something wrong? No problem, you can easily edit your image and keep testing until it's just right.
    • "Set Insignia" is pretty self-explanatory; in term, your image will be set officially.

    and that's pretty much all there is to it! ;)

    "BUT WAIT!!!!" - How do you have a transparent Insignia???!"

    Right, well. In order to make (whatever portion of your insignia you are trying to make transparent), that portion will need to be a pure Magenta color (#ff00ff) - you can edit that portion with Microsoft Paint, or any other editor (Photoshop, etc.) and then save the new image and you're golden! **It's possibly less time-consuming and easier if your image has already a transparent background, just make that Magenta and ta-da, you have your transparent insignia!

    ♥*♡+:。.。 Thanks for reading this guide! I hope it was helpful to anyone who is questioning. If there is anything I missed, I will surely add onto the demonstration! :)<3

  • It's worth it to also note that most photo editors can "Save as" a BMP image, as well as resize. So there is really no need for using a website, usually. I do most of the work before resizing, as it feels easier.

    Also, when making a item magenta, sometimes one might find small pixels left over, creating a ugly pink border on your image. These are just small areas that I guess either didn't register well or are slightly off color. In anycase, a simple way to deal with it, that anyone could do is simply to zoom in, and manually go over the spots.