The great GM Massacre Hunt- Show no mercy!

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    GM Massacre Hunt- Show no mercy!

    Soon after joining the Eden Eternal community, Kynou started testing his powers on different kind of subjects.

    We remember the great Torreyace catastrophy during the previous halloween event.

    His powers found their use for both good and evil. Banishing mean guardians, saving others from failed quest, summoning cute decorations and more...

    Now or never, he reckons that he needs help for the following catastrophy.

    All went wrong when he was trying his transformations magic, on his favorite guinea pigs (aka the GMs).

    The experience grew out of control, some GMs were transformed into giant ugly creatures.


    Did he say before the creatures jumped on him and ran to the wild.

    The creatures not willing to cooperate, Kynou must rely on the mighty Eternal Guardians to hunt them and bring them down.

    Event RULES

    The event starts on the 17, November at 20:00 GMT+1

    Meeting point is at Sakura's Island Ch4. with [CM] Kynou

    [CM] Kynou will give hints about the GMs position

    Guardians must find and kill the GMs


    Special monsters will be spawned afterwards for nice rewards to all participents ;)

    Special note (tips)

    The event being at Sakura Island, we suggest you to not attack other players and take a single target class to have a chance to down the GMs (Yes, they are hard-buffed)

    Although being mean and ugly, the GMs kept their behavior and will focus tanks first. Well rounded group composition is advised.