• Introduction

    Learn more about Eden Eternal!

  • Features

    What sets Eden Eternal apart from the rest? Find Out!

  • Classes

    Unlock a variety of classes and switch between them at will.

  • First Time Spender

    Buy and spend at least 1 AP to get a pack worth over 4000 AP



Buy 1 Get 1 Eden Crystal Free (In-game only)
In Game only.. Today only!... Read More »
Fortune Bags Discounted
20% off your favorite fortune bags..... Read More »
Stone Wipe: Official Answer
Information on the recent stone wipe ... Read More »
500 Eden Crystals Pack Sale
Limited time only. First come, first served... Read More »
Choice Tiered Spender
choose the items for this weekend's TS... Read More »
New fortification stones will be wiped on Monday August 11th 2014
Please read for important information!... Read More »
The Pirates of Eden Weekend
Your favorite pirate costumes are back!... Read More »
Forum Event: Choice Tiered Spender
ends in 10 hours
Choose what would like to have!... Read More »
Word Scramble
starts in 1 days
Try and fidn het orcretc reodr fro ehtse teltrse...... Read More »
Bacon's Suprise Event
starts in 5 days
Hmm..Bacon. Bacon is having an event!... Read More »

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